Membrane Switches

A membrane switch is a great solution for human machine interface solutions.  You have most likely used a membrane switch by using a microwave, stove, or flat numeric key pad. 

switch layers

Unlimited Possibilities

Membrane switches are flexible due to their being composed of circuits printed on a flexible plastic made for durability and strength.  This allows a more practical solution to printed circuit boards that require more manufacturing processes and higher costs.  

Complex Circuitry in a Small Package

A membrane switch is made up of several layers that combine to create a closed electronic interface that connects using any number of connectors that may suit your needs.  Every layer is cut and printed at IP Tech from the printed graphic overlay, to the circuit, spacers, and adhesives.  


Button Options

Membrane switches don’t have to be limited to flat buttons.  We can incorporate elastomeric keypads, Duraswitch buttons, or even emboss the buttons to give it more of a tactile feel.

Once designed, IP Tech can have a first article in about 10-15 business days depending on the complexity.    

The team at IP Tech has high standards that have brought customers back time and time again because the same quality was hard to find elsewhere.  Our only goal is to do it right, every time.