Laser Cutting Near Me
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Laser Cutting Near Me

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What Is Laser Cutting And How Does It Work?

The laser cutting process utilizes a high-powered laser. This laser is directed through optics and CNC (computer numerical control), which directs either the beam or material. Usually, a motion control system will then follow a G-Code or CNC to outline the pattern that needs to be cut. The laser beams burn, melt, vaporize or are blown away by a jet of glass. This results in a top-notch surface finished edging.

So how is the laser beam created? This is done by the stimulation of lasting materials through lamps and/or powerful electrical discharges. That process is always performed inside a closed container. The laser is amplified as it is reflected internally. Once enough energy is produced, it will escape the area as a stream of monochromatic light.

If a laser cutting process ever needs to start somewhere other than an edge, piercing will then be used. This features a high-power pulse laser, which creates a hole in the material. This full process should only take a maximum of 15 seconds to burn through the material.

Laser Cutting Service

Located in Mesa, Arizona, IP Technologies continues to be a leading provider of laser cutting services throughout the valley of the sun. Some solutions require or can benefit from laser cutting or laser etching. Laser offers a repeatable precision outcome where die cutting may not be suitable or cost effective, such as prototyping.

This company’s experience with laser cutting is sure to offer your company a great option for rapid development or precision cutting services. IP Technologies strives to build the best products possible for quality and durability. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, absolute customer satisfaction will always remain at the top of our list.

Why Are Lasers Used For Cutting?

Lasers can be used for many commercial and residential purposes. One of which is cutting through objects. Lasers can cut accurately and precisely through metal plates, stainless steel, aluminum, and many other materials. The tiny heat-affect zone is what makes such precise cuts possible.

Laser Cutting Cost

Here are the typical costs for laser cutting steel, according to Mchoneind. All estimates are priced per hour.

  • Lowest Cost: $13 per hour.
  • Average Cost: $16.50 per hour.
  • Highest Cost: $20 per hour.

All costs will vary based on provider. Contact IP Technologies today for more information on rates.

IP Technologies In Mesa, AZ

IP Technologies is a leading provider in Mesa, Arizona specializing in Membrane Switch production and fabrication for all your application needs. We also have many other services centered around the professional printing service industries, including laser cutting, die cutting, prototyping, and much more! Contact IP Technologies for a free quote today!

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