Graphic Overlay Labels

Graphic overlay labels for industrial use is our specialty.  From texture and thickness options to full color printing and color matching, IP Tech has it all.

Graphic overlay labels are not just your typical “sticker” or label.  Graphics are printed in reverse underneath a transparent film for increased durability. When the print is applied to the graphic it is protected by the film it was printed on. This process will protect the graphic and make it less likely to be damaged by its environment.

Filtered Windows

Filtered windows help prevents unwanted light, radio frequencies, and magnetic interference from obstructing the window.

Dead (Dead-Front) Windows

A dead front window is the capability of hiding LED,LCD, and electroluminescent displays when not in use.


Unlimited Material Selections

IP Tech will help you choose from a large selection of materials. Our team is highly experienced and trained to print on various substrates, completing projects that are deemed impossible by our competitors. 



The usage of electroluminescence (EL) has been in many places you may or may not of noticed. From popular Hollywood movies like Tron, to car dashboards and even signage. What makes electroluminescence so unique, is that it is flexible, provides uniform light emission, and can be used almost anywhere.

in mold decorating3

In-Mold Decorating

In-molding Decorating provides a secure method of integrating safety messages and decorative elements into your plastic products which can help remove the cost of expensive molding or tooling charges. This process works with both thermoplastics and rubber. In-molding process can also be integrated into irregular product surfaces that surpass traditional methods of labeling.

This process complies with all child safety regulations for hazardous material and exceeds the FDA requirements for food contact. Some advantages of In-Molding are:

  • On piece integrated construction
  • Durability
  • Fade Resistant
  • Eco Friendly to the Environment