Die Cutting Machines
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Die Cutting Machines

Die cutting machines cut shapes out of paper, chipboard and other various fabrics and materials. These machines can be used for either commercial or individual projects.

There are mainly two popular versions of die cutting machines on the market today. If you are searching for “die cutting machines“, this article will help!

Types Of Die Cutting Machines

As is usually the case with other popular appliances or tools, die cutting machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For personal use, die machines can come in a size as small as a home toaster oven. Smaller tabletop versions are also available.

Anyone with die cutting projects will choose between one of these two models:

Manual Die Cutting Machine

A manual die cutting machine is operated with a crank or lever, both of which are very easy to turn and don’t require much force. These will use specialized metal shapes to cut into the paper or other material.

Occasionally, the manual machines will come with a powered component that helps operate the machine with electricity. Pressure will be applied when the material plus the metal die pass through the machine’s rollers. The end result will be cuts made into the shape of a die.

Digital Die Cutting Machine

These cutting machines run on electricity and are either controlled by computer software or cartridges. Since these machines have an internal blade, they do not require any steel dies. Using your phone, computer or tablet, you can select the shape you want the digital machine to produce.

Many consumers may confuse digital die cutters for printers because of the very similar look and design. These cutters will connect through the use of a USB port or Bluetooth technology, just like modern printers.

Why Use Die Cutting Machines?

Regardless of model, brand and size, all die cutting machines cut paper. The majority of machines will also cut fabric, foam, felt, vinyl and other materials with ease. Larger machines have been used to cut corkboard, leather and rubber, as well.

Businesses and individuals use die cutting machines to create the following items:

Die Cutting Cost

One of the benefits of die cutting machines is that they come with up-front costs. Once the machine is purchased, the majority of expenses are over with. A few additions can be bought, such as new dies, papers and other desired materials.

Here is a look at typical costs for a personal die cutting machine, according to Scrapbook:

  • Lowest cost: $50
  • Average cost: $125
  • Highest cost: $200

Die Cutting Services Near Me

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IP Technologies can cut components for specific purposes such as EMI/ RFI shielding, sealing, air flow, bonding, electrical, electrical insulation, lighting, etc. Our experience with die cutting allows us to provide tolerances at +/- .005”. You can be sure that you will get a perfect fit every time.

IP Technologies In Mesa, AZ

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